This is to inform you of the latest measures we have put in place, in line with the local government regulations, to help protect the health and safety of all our test-takers and staff, and to limit the spread of Covid-19. Please take a look at the answers below, and if still have any additional questions please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

For how long will delivery of exams be suspended at British Council?

The British Council is strictly following the guidance provided by the Special Republican Commission to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Currently all IELTS test sessions (on paper, on computer, UKVI, Life Skills) have been suspended until 30 September 2020. However, the Covid-19 situation is evolving quickly, and tests may be further suspended at short notice. 

How do I know that my exam has been suspended?

Once the decision has been made to suspend the exam, notification emails are immediately sent out to all test-takers whose tests sessions have been suspended, using email addresses provided during registration. So, it is very important that you check your emails regularly.

We also publish regular updates on our updates webpage and our official social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Telegram, so please visit those for latest updates.

Can I transfer my registration to a later date as a result of exam suspension?

Yes, any candidate can reschedule any affected test date due to Covid-19. Moreover, there will be no any charges for re-scheduling your IELTS exam date.

What happens if my rescheduled exam is postponed again?

Unfortunately, this is a possible scenario. All test dates available at this moment for registration and transfers are provisional and conditional upon receipt of permission from the Government to resume all exam activities. We will try to conduct your exam on the rescheduled exam date. However, if it gets postponed again then we will provide you with options of rescheduling to a new date or applying for a refund.

I decided to cancel my registration. Can I apply for refund?

Yes, if you decide to cancel your registration as a result of your exam being suspended due to Covid-19, you can request for full refund provided you send all supporting documents.

Please note that we will receive request for refunds from test-takers only. For minor test-takers (below 18 years old) parents or official guardians may submit request for refund, upon providing supporting documentation.

The following details and documents are required to get a refund. The refund process might take up to four weeks after you send all required bank details:

  • Full name and surname of a test taker
  • Initial test date
  • Reference number of a test taker. You may find it in the emails you received from us and it looks like A3-UZ025-S-*******
  • Contact phone number

Please note that we don't refund the test fee in either cash or to any credit/debit card in other currencies. We will refund money only to UZCARD or HUMO bank cards.

To receive a refund to a plastic card, please include the following information in the text of a message:

  • Bank name 
  • Bank code 
  • Bank INN 
  • Transitional account number (starts with 23120 … and contains 20 digits)
  • Plastic card number 
  • File with a scanned copy or a photo of plastic card 
  • File with a scanned copy or a photo of Passport of plastic card owner (if you are not the card owner)
  • Payment receipt 

Please note that all bank details will be provided to you by the operators of the bank that issued your plastic card.

Your office is closed to the public. How can I receive my test certificate?

You can access your results for IELTS through your profile on the IELTS Candidate Portal but you cannot download a scan or PDF of your certificate. We do not issue photocopies, scanned copies or PDF files for sending, as certificate recipients do not accept it.

We are not able to provide test results over the phone, by email, SMS or fax for security reasons.

Our office in Tashkent remains closed for visitors. If you would like to collect a hard copy of your IELTS Test Report Form while our office is closed, you will need to contact us by email

Our courier service can securely store and distribute all IELTS TRFs to test-takers who could not collect their certificate prior to introduction of the quarantine.

How can I contact British Council customer service?

While our offices are closed, our customer service team is working from home to support you via email, phone and social media channels. We are working very hard to respond to every phone call, email and message, but the situation is extraordinary, and some delays with response may occur. Please accept our apologies in advance. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

How to book and pay for the test?

Please see a clear and detailed guidance on how to register and pay for the test. Also please note that we can find your payment in the bank statement that we received from the Bank, you do not need to send us a payment confirmation.

IELTS Indicator

You can also be interested in IELTS Indicator - an online test you can use to prove your English language skills. Please find more information about this test below.


How can I register for IELTS Indicator?

You can find all information about how to register for IELTS Indicator on our webpage.

Can I transfer my IELTS on paper to IELTS Indicator?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer IELTS on paper or computer test to IELTS indicator since these tests are placed on two different platforms and administered by different teams. 

The results should be issued in seven working days, but it is already more than 10 days passed, why haven’t I still received my test results?

Due to high number of test takers, the system is temporarily overloaded. Your results will be sent as soon as it becomes possible. 

I did not receive speaking timetable, what shall I do?

If a test taker has not received a speaking timetable, please contact IELTS Indicator team by writing email to: 

I have filled and submitted minor consent form, but it was not received, what shall I do?

Please fill in this form to report the issue you are facing with. 

Is IELTS Indicator accepted by Uzbekistan higher educational universities?

Please check Universities that accept IELTS Indicator here.

What if I face any technical issue during the test?

If you face any technical issues during the test, please report the issue using this link. 

How to edit the spelling mistake in my personal details?

A test taker can change their personal details by sending a request using this link