Free IELTS preparation materials

As one of our most popular online preparation courses, Road to IELTS will help you prepare for your test in the best way possible. 

The full course includes:

  • online resource material for IELTS Academic and General Training
  • practice zones and e-books to help you prepare for the Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking sections
  • sample videos including advice from previous test takers
  • teacher tutorials that highlight test dos and don’ts
  • timed practice tests
  • a “My Progress” section that helps you examine your performance in comparison to other students’
  • a “My Profile” section that will help to remind you of the date of your test.

If you book IELTS with us, you will get Road to IELTS Last Minute version for free. This version includes:

  • nine videos giving advice and tutorials
  • 100 interactive activities
  • two practice tests for each of the four skills.

You can also explore one of the paid versions of Road to IELTS if you feel you need more support to get the score you need.

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