NEW PAST - Contemporary Art from the UK

NEW PAST is a celebration of contemporary UK art. Bringing together the work of 19 artists from the British Council Collection, the exhibition will explore generational conformity and discord in art emerging from the UK in the last 20 years.

Visit the NEW PAST exhibition before it closes. For information about the venue and exhibition dates, see below.

The exhibition includes pieces by the Young British Artists including Damien Hirst, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Gavin Turk and Sarah Lucas. The Young British Artists began to exhibit collectively in 1988 and dominated the UK art scene during the 1990s. They became known for their openness to materials and forms, as well as their entrepreneurial attitude.

The exhibition also features works by several winners and nominees of the Turner Prize, Britain’s leading visual arts prize. These artists include Rachel Whiteread, Martin Creed, Martin Boyce, Cornelia Parker and George Shaw.

Alongside this, NEW PAST will introduce a new generation of artists celebrated in Britain. Hayley Tompkins, Marcus Coates, Simon Ling and Toby Ziegler have all received critical acclaim. Their works selected for NEW PAST are visually and conceptually compelling.

The fast pace of British artistic development in the last 20 years, alongside changes in other areas of contemporary life, has meant that some of these pieces are already considered iconic.

NEW PAST explores harmonies and tensions existing between generations of UK artists. How do artists work within the traditions and boundaries of those that came before them, while simultaneously reinterpreting, reimagining and reinventing UK art?

With humour and an awareness of absurdity, the exhibition invites us to examine familiar imagery and materials; chairs, medicine, hot water bottles and signage. In creating a conversation about objects of the everyday, the works also encourage us to consider more profound questions about the relationship between humans and nature.

NEW PAST will attempt to challenge and expand conceptions of our past, present and future.


Art Gallery of Uzbekistan
2, Buyuk Turon Street (Mustakillik Square)


October 28 - December 29