Creative Central Asia Network

Participants of CCA from different countries came together in 2021 to launch a network for creative and cultural leaders in Central Asia – Creative Central Asia Networks. It’s mission to contribute to the development of the creative economy in Central Asia, to create the basis for the branch associations of creative entrepreneurs in each of the Central Asian countries.

All individuals and organisations can become members of CCAN, regardless of their form of ownership and legal status, but who meet the criteria for membership and have completed the registration form “Welcome to CCAN!” on the website. 

Members of the Creative Central Asia 2021 Steering Committee from Central Asian countries and representatives of the British Council in the mentioned Steering Committee are automatically admitted to the CCAN Board at the time of its creation.

The regional CCAN creates a brand, legal structure and a set of standards, checklists, procedures, business processes at the regional level that can be used to create local associations in each of the Central Asian countries. The legal structure, funding sources and size of local associations are selected by the local organizers. Partnership with CCAN is declared by the use of the CCAN logo and other symbols, adherence to its mission and principles.

Plan for CCAN to the next year: 

  • initiate local associations in countries;
  • build a database of creative businesses in Central Asia;
  • create a database of educational resources for the creative industries;
  • develop a roadmap for the development of the creative economy and adapt it to each of the countries with the help of the local associations.


CCAN has announced three competitions for all five countries in Central Asia. The results of the competitions will be presented during online events. 

We received 27 applications from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Results of the competition have been announced on CCAN social media.

Database of creative and cultural entrepreneurs in Central Asia

Objective: to compile the widest possible database (DB) of creative businesses and present an overview of research results (description of methodology, sources, number of companies by sector in each country, comparison of countries, etc.) and present initial results in March during online forum. 

Countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan (from each country at least 8% of the total number of companies in the database)

Creative economy sectors (companies from each sector must account for not less than 4% of the total number of companies in the database):

  • Fashion, design and crafts 
  • Film and animation, creation of virtual and augmented reality
  • Music
  • Theatre and dance
  • Publishing and literature 
  • Contemporary Art 
  • Architecture 
  • Television, radio, new media and digital culture
  • Computer games and cybersports
  • Software Development
  • Entertainment Industry 
  • Show and Events 
  • Advertising 

Database of educational online resources on creative industries

Objective: to compile the widest possible database of educational online resources for creative businesses available in Russian, English or Central Asian languages (each language not more than 45% of the total number of resources in the database). 

Educational resources are training courses (video, text or in other form) that creative businesses can use to improve their soft skills or professional knowledge, as a result of which their income will increase, the quality of goods or services will improve, cost of production will decrease or business processes will accelerate.

Creative Economy sectors (specialized training courses for each sector should be at least 1% of the database).

Study of successful business cases among creative industries in Central Asia

Objective: to find at least 10 examples of creative companies that have adapted to changes in the economy due to COVID19 pandemic and increased their revenues as a result, and then present their stories in media.

Creative economy roadmap for Central Asia

The objective is to gather a group of cultural and creative leaders from different countries and create a roadmap on how to develop creative economies in Central Asia, which than can be adapted for the context in different countries. 

The roadmap will be presented on 30 March.