Welcome to the first edition of Vocational Education Exchange, the British Council’s new journal for teachers and leaders interested in vocational education and skills.

Given the fact that youth employment issues are becoming increasingly important in Uzbekistan, we consulted with our partners and came to a conclusion that this journal will serve as an excellent platform for dissemination of the national and international best practices and publication of news of vocational education and skills development. 

It must be noted that the Strategy of Actions in Five Priority Areas of Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021 defined a number of priority issues in this area, in particular:  

  • creation of new jobs and ensuring rational employment of the population, first of all for the graduates of secondary specialized and higher educational institutions, ensuring the balance and steady development of the labour market infrastructure and reducing unemployment
  • increasing the availability of high quality educational services and training highly qualified personnel in accordance with the current needs of the labour market
  • improvement of activities aimed at training and employment of vocational colleges’ students in specialisations that meet the requirements of the market economy and the needs of employers
  • encouragement of research and innovation activities, establishment of effective mechanisms for introducing scientific and innovative achievements into practice
  • improving quality and efficiency of the activities of educational institutions based on the introduction of international standards of teaching and assessment of teaching quality.

It should be noted that teachers and heads of various organizations in the field of vocational education in the UK have passed virtually the same development path as their colleagues from Uzbekistan. They are also eager to be involved in the process of sharing knowledge and skills around the world, and to provide a chance to their students to be involved as well, if possible.

What is Vocational Education Exchange journal going to offer?

In the first issue we will learn more about the issues related to taking into account opinions and interests of students in vocational education institutions. In our  journal you will find inspiring examples and useful resources

I hope that you will love our first issue. 

Sincerely yours, 

Mark Crossey