Online courses for teachers

If you are an English language teacher looking for professional development, but are too busy to travel to attend a programme at a fixed time and date, our online courses might be just the thing for you.

Moderated by qualified and experienced teacher trainers, and attended by an international group of teachers, these courses are practical and will give you activities and ideas that you can take straight into the classroom. They are organised several times per year.

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TeachingEnglish - Communicative Assessment (CAC)

TeachingEnglish - Communicative Assessment (CAC) is a short 20-hour online self-access course for busy teachers and examiners of English who are interested in exploring new approaches to assessment and testing. It contains useful resources, exercises, discussion activities and opportunities for teachers to design assessment tasks that are relevant to their own teaching context. CAC is mapped to the CPD Framework and is best positioned at the newly qualified level in terms of competency level. It is a general course suitable for teachers working in the primary, secondary, tertiary or the private ELT sector.

The course aims to help teachers:

  • Identify some of the key areas associated with Communicative Language Teaching
  • Focus on assessment and testing within the Communicative Approach to English teaching
  • Link assessment theory directly to the design of testing and assessment materials
  • Focus on testing each language skill as well as integrating skills testing

There is a video for more information on this course.

CLIL Essentials (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

This is an online course for teachers who teach school subjects such as geography, history, maths and science in English, in state and private schools. The course is suitable for experienced primary and secondary school teachers, either language teachers supporting subject teachers or subject teachers working in a CLIL context.

Download this PDF file to learn more about this course.

Certificate in Secondary English Language Teaching (CISELT)

This course is aimed at practising teachers with a level of English B1 and above and who work with learners in the 11–18 age range. It is a modular training course based on practical classroom methodology and assignments.

This is a two-level programme, organised as two separate courses:

  • CiSELT Proficient focuses on key methodological issues for teachers with 'approximately two years' experience.
  • CiSELT Advanced focuses on more specialised topics and the development of creative teaching and learning approaches.

Each level is separately certificated.

TKT Essentials (Teaching Knowledge Test)

The TKT Essentials course provides an introduction to English language teaching methodology for teachers who want to develop expertise in communicative language teaching. It is suitable for both newly qualified teachers who need to develop knowledge of key concepts in ELT and experienced teachers who want to update their methodology.

TKT Essentials has three modules organised also as two separate courses: TKT Module 1 and TKT Modules 2 & 3.

Download this PDF file to find out more about individual modules.

Primary Essentials

Primary Essentials is aimed at teachers of English in state or private primary schools or teachers of English in secondary schools who would like to work in the primary sector. If you want an introduction to teaching English to young learners aged 7 to 11, then this course is for you. Using video, audio and community elements, you will learn the essentials to help you succeed in your teaching.

Download this PDF file to find out more about the course content.

Learning Technologies for the Classroom

This is a teacher development course that introduces teachers of English to the main aspects of using new technologies in the language classroom. The course modules cover a range of web technologies, with topics including using the internet, cyber well-being for learners, using MS Office applications, using online video and audio, and using social networking and other web technologies for educational purposes.

Download this PDF file to learn more about the individual modules.

How we deliver our courses

Please note that all of our online courses are delivered using Moodle (a web-based environment for delivering course content and managing students) in which a group of teachers and a trained moderator work together. The course certificate is issued to participants upon successful completion of assignments and tasks and cannot be obtained without active participation. We reserve the right to cancel a course if the course does not reach the minimum number of 18 participants.

Steps to Success

This is a self-study online course suitable for teachers working in the primary, secondary, tertiary or the private ELT sectors. You can choose to take any module you like at any time and in any order, so that you can get ideas and training about the particular area of need in your teaching. You can download a certificate of completion after each module. In addition, you can choose to have your portfolio assessed by one of our expert teacher-trainers and receive the full course certificate.

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Special Educational Needs

This is for teachers who have at least two years of full-time teaching. It is also suitable for experienced teachers who may not have been sufficiently trained in SEN. While the course is delivered through English the content is appropriate for all teachers working with learners with special needs.

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Learning Technologies for Business English Teachers

This course has been designed to give both experienced and new business English teachers an introduction to the types of tools that can enhance their teaching and help them deliver engaging lessons with sound pedagogical outcomes.

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Certificate in Primary English Language Teaching

TeachingEnglish Certificate in Primary English Language Teaching (CiPELT) is an in-service course aimed at primary teachers working in low-resourced contexts in large mixed-level classes. On in-service training courses teachers often say that they know the theory but have never been taught how to apply the theory in practice. This course is based on the practical application of methodology for the classroom and aims to combine theory with good practice. It is specifically for teachers who need to update their methodological skills and whose language level is a minimum of English A2.

The course comprises three modules:

• CiPELT READY (primary years 1- 2)

• CiPELT STEADY (primary years 3 - 4)

• CiPELT GO (primary years 5 - 6)