Image of Anora Jabbarova

Anora Jabbarova


Anora Jabbarova is head of the Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute, part of Jizzakh State University. She first began working with the British Council in 2017, when she was chosen to be the coordinator for the PRESETT project.


As part of this project, Anora underwent training in methods for teaching the English language. These training courses were held at the Uzbekistan State University of World Languages. Equipped with new knowledge, Anora returned to Jizzakh State University and began training her colleagues in these new methods.

“The skills I developed as a result of the British Council's workshops have been extremely beneficial to me. Many of my teaching strategies were shaped by my time in the classroom. I enjoy sharing new techniques with colleagues,” Anora explained. Anora has seen a marked improvement in her own English language skills, and she points to the participation of British experts in the trainings organised as part of the PRESETT project as a major inspiration.

“The study of new methods and techniques and the participation of British experts in this process helped me improve my level as a specialist,” she said. She is also seeing improvements among her students, many of whom arrive at university with a B2 level of proficiency in English. By their final year in university, many of these students boast a C1 level of proficiency.

For Anora and her colleagues, this is a “source of pride.” Today, Anora herself organises local and international conferences, bringing educators together to share experiences and discuss pedagogical methods. She has proudly invited representatives of the British Council to these events. Being connected to the British Council remains a big part of her professional life.

“I believe that in my work, I am continuing the work of the British Council to improve the level of language instruction in Uzbekistan’s higher education system,” Anora explained.