Javokhir Bakhtiyorov

A student just one year ago, Javokhir Bakhtiyorov has proven it is possible to start your professional career while still studying, especially if it is a career in the British Council.

It seems that Bakhtiyorov was fated to work with the British Council. Even before he enrolled at Tashkent University of Information Technologies, he passed the exam for his IELTS certificate.

“That was in 2017. And even then, the working atmosphere that I found at the British Council made the strongest impression on me,” Bakhtiyorov recalls. “Those specialists who worked there were professionals in their field. Their communication skills and organisation of events amazed me.”

Once in university, he began seeking offers for practical work after his first year and came across a listing for an internship with the British Council.

“I immediately submitted my application, and I knew that there would be a high level of competition for this position. Three British Council staff members took part in the interview process and asked questions in three languages ​​at once.”

Bakhtiyorov was thrilled to be one of three successful interns out of 30 applicants. His internship, which began in the summer of 2018, lasted nine months and involved various organisational activities.

“During my internship, under the guidance of experienced mentors, I worked in marketing and customer service and helped organise major cultural events, including exhibitions in the capital and regions. Although I could have just chosen one direction and done that exclusively, it was more interesting for me to try different roles and gain those professional experiences.”

Bakhtiyorov says he is very grateful to his colleagues at the British Council for the chance to partake in an internship while he was still studying and for providing a flexible schedule. As his first real work experience, Bakhtiyorov acquired many important skills and competitive advantages for future roles.

After the internship, he was offered a part-time role in the British Council’s Client Relations department. This was a chance for him to learn information technology and improve practical skills in communication with clients, examination services, translation, organisation and event management.

Having had such wonderful experiences with the British Council over the years, after completing his undergraduate studies, Bakhtiyorov applied for a full-time position as an examination services assistant.

“I already knew the selection process would be tough because the Council has international standards for selecting applicants for vacant positions,” he says. “After going through all the necessary stages of the interview process, I was delighted to be offered the role.”

Bakhtiyorov has now worked in his full-time role for almost nine months and says he has significantly improved his organisational and communication skills and plans to continue further development.

“What I like about the British Council is that it offers so many opportunities for continuous professional development, including continuing education courses, online learning, and more,” he says.

In the future, Bakhtiyorov plans to enrol in a Master's degree programme at a reputable foreign university to further develop his career.

“As a British Council employee today and in the future, I look forward to being part of any activities being implemented and contributing to the Council's growth and development along with my colleagues.”

Bakhtiyorov is confident that, after more than 25 years of activity in Uzbekistan, the British Council has achieved a well-deserved status and plays a critical role in implementing positive changes in the country's higher education system as well as introducing advanced educational standards into education in Uzbekistan.