British Council Uzbekistan

Friday 19 May 2017 - 17:30 to Saturday 10 June 2017 - 17:30

The British Сouncil in cooperation with the “Bolajon” TV channel are launching a new TV programme for children with the purpose of helping to learn the English language. We invite all interested candidates of both genders with the age ranging from 14 to 18 to take a part in our casting! The TV programme will be developed in cooperation with British and local experts and will target the audience of children of 7 to 9 years old.

In addition to the opportunity of becoming a TV Star, the presenters will get a great chance to work with the best local and international experts and improve their English, develop their acting talents and skills of a TV presenter. 

This is also a training opportunity with leading British experts working in the UK, Europe and the USA on scenic speech.

What you should do

1st stage: 20 May 2017 -10 June 2017 

A participant should record a video where he/she tells about himself/herself in an interesting/creative way in ENGLISH. 

Send your video to sevara.dultaeva@britishcouncil.uz via file exchange system www.wetransfer.com. Video shouldn’t be longer than 2 minutes.

Fill in the form below and send it together with your video.

Name/ Surname  
Place of living/City  
Do you have any experience of participating in TV programs? If yes, could you mention the program and your role?  
Parent's/Carer's name/Surname  
Parent's/Carer's telephone number  
Parent's/Carer's email address  

2nd stage: 1th July 2017 - 5th July 2017, will take place in Tashkent.

The shortlisted candidates will be invited for the second stage of the selection, where they will be asked to perform a part from the script of the program in front of the camera. Participants will have a chance to get familiar with the script prior to the day of performing.

3rd stage: Shooting, 17 July 2017- 23 July 2017, in Tashkent.

Two successful candidates - male and female participants- will be invited for shooting of the new TV programme as presenters. The programme will be conducted in the English language. 

Casting Criteria

•Good knowledge of English with good speaking (including pronunciation) skills. 

•Flexibility and artistry.

•Good singing skills (program requires the presenters to sing and dance too)

•Being confident while being recorded.

Please note that the casting will be conducted for the position of the presenter of the programme indicated in this announcement only!