The British Council has been cooperating with the ACCA for more than 20 years, providing examination services around the world. Since September 2022, the ACCA has authorised British Council Uzbekistan to administer the ACCA CBE on Demand. We provide comfortable exam venues and high-quality computer equipment for candidates to have a good exam experience.


  • Convenience: British Council Testing Centre is located in the centre of Tashkent City. Transportation is very convenient.
  • On demand: Examination sessions are provided every week. The exam schedule is more flexible compared with session exams.
  • Flexibility: No limitation on the number of times you can sit the CBEs.
  • Fast: Your results will be displayed on the computer screen at the end of the exam, so you will know immediately if you have passed.
  • Immediacy: Your results will be uploaded to your ACCA account within 72 hours.

Delivery mode

  • Two-hours long
  • 50 questions
  • Mark given as a percentage
  • Pass mark of 50%

Questions and Marking

Types of questions

  • Multiple choice: choose one answer from a list of options.
  • Multiple response: select more than one response from the options provided.
  • Multiple response matching: respond to multiple related statements by selecting the appropriate response for each statement.
  • Number entry: key in a numerical response to a question.

Questions are all worth one to two marks each 

  • FA1 and MA1: multiple-choice questions only, 2 points for each question.
  • FA2, MA2, FBT, FMA, FFA , BT, MA, FA, LW-ENG and LW-GLO: multiple choice, multiple response, multiple response matching, and number entry questions

Examination Dates

Examination Dates

*Please note that there is a limited quota of registrations for each session on a first-come, first-served basis.


ACCA Qualification

  • Business Technology (BT)
  • Management Accounting (MA)
  • Financial Accounting (FA)
  • Corporate and Business Law (LW-ENG) & Corporate and Business Law (LW-GLO)

Foundations in Accountancy

  • FA1 Recording Financial Transactions
  • MA1 Management Information
  • FA2 Maintaining Financial Records
  • MA2 Managing Costs and Finance
  • FBT Business Technology
  • FMA Management Accounting
  • FFA Financial Accounting
  • IFB  Introduction to Finance and Business


Registration Procedures

Please read the ACCA CBE on Demand Candidate Sheet (available in the Downloads section at the end of this page) thoroughly before registration.

Online Registration Instructions

  1. Fill in forms: Download and fill out the application form. After that, save it as Word or PDF format and send the file to
  2. Review of the form: Your application form will be processing by our exams team.
  3. Make Payments: You can pay in cash at the bank as well as online, using online payment applications as Payme, Click, Apelsin.
    Once your application has been confirmed, you will receive an email payment notification. 
    Please note that you will NOT be registered for the exam unless the full payment has been received.
  4. Process application: After receiving your full payment, we will make arrangements for your examination.
  5. Your exam registration has been completed successfully. Once your application has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with examination information (including exam date, time and venue information etc.)
  6. Please, note that registration is closed 2 (two) days prior to the test date.

On the test day

  • Candidates should arrive to the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the start of each exams.
  • Please, bring your identification document (passport, national ID card, driving licence etc.)
  • No mobile phones, books, dictionaries, papers or any other devices are allowed unless approved for that subject.


Fees and Terms of Payment

Foundations in Accountancy

  • Recording Financial Transactions — 1,343,000 UZS
  • Management Information — 1,343,000 UZS
  • Maintaining Financial Records — 1,343,000 UZS
  • Managing Costs and Finance — 1,343,000 UZS
  • Foundations in Business and Technology — 1,959,200 UZS
  • Financial Accounting — 1,959,200 UZS
  • Management Accounting — 1,959,200 UZS

CBE exams for ACCA Qualification:

  • F1 – Business and Technology (BT) — 1,959,200 UZS
  • F2 – Management Accounting (MA) — 1,959,200 UZS
  • F3 – Financial Accounting (FA) — 1,959,200 UZS
  • F4 – Corporate and Business Law (LW) — 2,433,200 UZS
  • Introduction to Finance and Business (IFB) — 2,433,200 UZS

All fees must be paid before 5 working days prior to your examination date.

IMPORTANT: Exam date must be indicated in the payment details. 

Fees in UZS are linked to GBP and converted according to the official currency rate.

Please note that you will NOT be entered for the exams unless the full payment has been received.

You can pay through our online booking system, in cash at bank, using online payment applications as Payme, Click, Apelsin or through Demand Draft.

Payment can be made through any bank in the Republic of Uzbekistan to the following bank details:

Account name: The British Council Office;
Bank name: KDB Bank Uzbekistan Head Office;
INN: 207066588;
Account number: 2029 6000 9048 4475 4001;
MFO: 00842

When paying at the end of the month

On the penultimate business day of the month, the Bank accepts payments through UZS DUET cards until 13.00. The bank does not accept payments via UZS cards DUET on the last business day of the month. Please note that the Bank may not be able to accept payments in cash and via UZS debit cards on the first business day of the month if the last day of the previous month was a working day.

In the receipt, please write the following: [ACCA / surname / city / date of the test].

When paying by Visa or MasterCard:

You can also make a payment to our USD account if you are paying by your Visa or MasterCard card or from any overseas accounts:

KDB Uzbekistan CJSC Yunus Abad branch 

The British Council Office    

Account: 2029 6840 0048 4475 4001
Bank code: 00831
INN: 207066588 

Payment should be made within 5 working days after your registration. Failure to quote your registration reference number may delay your application process; this may lead to a change from your preferred test date or cancellation of your registration.

Online payment is made in pounds sterling directly at the time of registration.

We accept international bank cards VISA and MasterCard, issued by foreign banks








Refund and Cancellation

If you cancel your paid exam more than 14 days before the exam date or are unable to attend your exam on the day due to any of the following reasons, then you will be entitled to a full refund:

  • Medical – a serious illness or injury, hospital admission etc.
  • Loss or bereavement – death of parents, guardian, brother/sister, or child
  • Hardship/trauma – victim of crime, victim of traffic accident
  • Military service 

If the cancellation or withdrawal is made 14 days or less before the exam, the refund shall be subject to admin fee charge of 25% of the exam price, so only 75% refund shall be made. 

Issuing of refunds:

1. Please note that evidence of the reasons why the candidate is not fit to take the exam on the day issued by an authorised body will be required for a full refund. 

2. Refunds will be processed within thirty (30) days after receiving all required details from the test-taker (supporting documents from an authorised body confirming the case, completed refund application form with full and correct bank details for the refund). 

3. If approved, the refund will be issued by transferring the funds to your bank account provided in your request. 

ACCA on demand Transfer Policy

All exam date transfers up to two days before the exam date will be made free of charge. However, test takers are entitled to make a transfer request only once. Please note that the new test date must be within three months of the original date.

Important: If the exam cancellation or transfer request is made after the exam token creation, i.e., within 24 hours before the exam date, no refund or transfer will be allowed, as automatic token fee charge will be processed by ACCA. Also, no refunds will be issued for incorrect choice of examination or subject


Candidates will receive the provisional results after the exam is finished (two printed copies).

Candidate results will be uploaded to the ACCA database within 72 hours after the exam.