IELTS dates and fees

IELTS test fee

Please note that in the light of the changes in currency exchange rates, the IELTS test fee of 1,380,000 soum is valid from February 1 till February 28 2018. The IELTS fee in Pound Sterling has not changed and is 120 GBP to date as it is set by our testing partner, Cambridge English Testing.  Test dates starting from April and further cost 126 GBP,  which is from 1-28 February 2018, 1,449,000 soums.

Test dates and locations

We offer IELTS tests in Tashkent, Andijan, Namangan and Urgench.

Places are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, so we strongly recommend that you register online at least five weeks prior to the test date. Please note, once all the test places have been assigned and the session is full, the test will no longer appear on our online registration system.

You will receive an email approximately two weeks before the test date confirming the venue for your test and the timetable.

Available test dates

The tables below show the available upcoming written test dates in Uzbekistan. 

Please note: Your listening, reading and writing test will be completed on the same day. Your speaking test will take place up to a week before your main test day.

Select a location below


Venue: Andijan, 10, A.Khaydar Str., 170100

Test Date Module Registration Deadline Register
07/04/2018 IELTS Academic 24/03/2018 Apply now


Venue: Samarkand, venue details will be communicated one week before the exam day

Test Date Module Registration Deadline Register
19/05/2018 IELTS Academic 05/05/2018 Apply now


Venue: Tashkent, International Business Centre, 107B Amir Temur Street, 100084

Test Date Module Registration Deadline Register
10/03/2018 IELTS Academic 24/02/2018 Apply now
15/03/2018 IELTS Academic 01/03/2018 Apply now
24/03/2018 IELTS Academic 10/03/2018 Apply now
24/03/2018 IELTS General Training 10/03/2018 Apply now
07/04/2018 IELTS Academic 24/03/2018 Apply now
07/04/2018 IELTS General Training 24/03/2018 Apply now
14/04/2018 IELTS Academic 31/03/2018 Apply now
21/04/2018 IELTS Academic 07/04/2018 Apply now
21/04/2018 IELTS General Training 07/04/2018 Apply now
26/04/2018 IELTS Academic 12/04/2018 Apply now
05/05/2018 IELTS Academic 21/04/2018 Apply now
12/05/2018 IELTS Academic 28/04/2018 Apply now
12/05/2018 IELTS General Training 28/04/2018 Apply now
19/05/2018 IELTS Academic 05/05/2018 Apply now
24/05/2018 IELTS Academic 10/05/2018 Apply now
24/05/2018 IELTS General Training 10/05/2018 Apply now
02/06/2018 IELTS Academic 19/05/2018 Apply now
02/06/2018 IELTS General Training 19/05/2018 Apply now
07/06/2018 IELTS Academic 24/05/2018 Apply now
23/06/2018 IELTS Academic 09/06/2018 Apply now
30/06/2018 IELTS Academic 16/06/2018 Apply now
30/06/2018 IELTS General Training 16/06/2018 Apply now
07/07/2018 IELTS Academic 23/06/2018 Apply now
07/07/2018 IELTS General Training 23/06/2018 Apply now
19/07/2018 IELTS Academic 05/07/2018 Apply now
21/07/2018 IELTS Academic 07/07/2018 Apply now
28/07/2018 IELTS Academic 14/07/2018 Apply now
28/07/2018 IELTS General Training 14/07/2018 Apply now
02/08/2018 IELTS General Training 19/07/2018 Apply now
02/08/2018 IELTS Academic 19/07/2018 Apply now
11/08/2018 IELTS Academic 28/07/2018 Apply now
18/08/2018 IELTS Academic 04/08/2018 Apply now
18/08/2018 IELTS General Training 04/08/2018 Apply now
25/08/2018 IELTS Academic 11/08/2018 Apply now
08/09/2018 IELTS Academic 25/08/2018 Apply now
08/09/2018 IELTS General Training 25/08/2018 Apply now
13/09/2018 IELTS Academic 30/08/2018 Apply now
15/09/2018 IELTS Academic 01/09/2018 Apply now
29/09/2018 IELTS Academic 15/09/2018 Apply now
29/09/2018 IELTS General Training 15/09/2018 Apply now
11/10/2018 IELTS Academic 27/09/2018 Apply now
13/10/2018 IELTS Academic 29/09/2018 Apply now
13/10/2018 IELTS General Training 29/09/2018 Apply now
20/10/2018 IELTS Academic 06/10/2018 Apply now
27/10/2018 IELTS General Training 13/10/2018 Apply now
27/10/2018 IELTS Academic 13/10/2018 Apply now
01/11/2018 IELTS General Training 18/10/2018 Apply now
01/11/2018 IELTS Academic 18/10/2018 Apply now
03/11/2018 IELTS Academic 20/10/2018 Apply now
10/11/2018 IELTS Academic 27/10/2018 Apply now
10/11/2018 IELTS General Training 27/10/2018 Apply now
17/11/2018 IELTS Academic 03/11/2018 Apply now
01/12/2018 IELTS Academic 17/11/2018 Apply now
01/12/2018 IELTS General Training 17/11/2018 Apply now
08/12/2018 IELTS Academic 24/11/2018 Apply now
13/12/2018 IELTS Academic 29/11/2018 Apply now


Venue: Urgench, venue address to be confirmed one week before exam day

Test Date Module Registration Deadline Register
15/03/2018 IELTS Academic 01/03/2018 Apply now