Azizjon  Nurmukhammedov

11 years old, active participant and winner of the British Council Learn English Family campaign competition in 2014, winner of the Tashkent city English Language competition for school children. Aziz is actively applying his English skills in developing his artistic talents through an English language TV series for children on local television. 

"WE are going to the Zoo, WE are going to the Zoo…” are the rhymes that will stay with me forever and the word WE is important, because of my family who have supported my participation in the Learning English Family campaign competition back in 2014 and, together with my father, we performed this song on the stage at the final competition event. It was a month long campaign and I remember how interesting it was for me and my family to take part in every event and activity – we played together in English, we sang songs together in English, we spent time together practicing English after school and we learnt English together.

It is not even the fact that I won this competition, but that my parents supported me in learning English and using it together with my talents, and now the Learn English Kids website and also the parents’ section in it became our favorite family website. Being engaged in the Learn English Family campaign inspired and made me more confident. My learning environment has changed and English helped me to open up my new talents. After the competition, I won first place in the English language competition among all the school pupils of Tashkent, city and was invited to take part in knowledge competitions and feature in the TV series that helps children learn English. 

My dream is to become a minister! I want to inspire others, just as the British Council has inspired me and my parents.