Furkat Kayumkhodjaev

A graduate of the University of St. Andrews and London School of Economics. Marketing Specialist/Translator at NSGD-EE Services & Trading.

Have you ever been obsessed by a dream? Dreaming makes us happier by giving us hope for a better life. I was dreaming of studying abroad and was obsessed by it. I tried my best and took several language courses at various schools in Tashkent but could not come closer to my dream.

A turning point in the pursuit of my dream took place in late 2007 when signed up to the British Council’s Resource Centre. My English was poor as well as my study skills, and did not meet international university standards at that time. To achieve my dream I had to study hard to comply with demanding academic requirements that meant I had to improve my English. 

The British Council gave me hope. I actively participated in the centre’s conversation and readers’ clubs. I learnt much about the British culture, improved my communication skills and expanded my network of contacts. I understood that true language learning was inseparable from a cultural context.  

The British Council team helped me significantly develop in many areas. Not only did I improve my English but I also developed goal-setting, self-study and leadership skills through active engagement with the British Council’ staff and other people.

I remember that the most impressive thing about my collaboration with the British Council was the positive attitude of its amazing team. In addition to being high-calibre professionals, they were empathetic and enthusiastic in every detail of their work. Their attitude encouraged me to work on my language, learn new things and never give up in the face of difficulties. I eventually learned to see failures not as evidence of weakness but as a chance to grow. 

My intensive engagement with the British Council and hard work eventually paid off. I received a full scholarship from St. Andrew’s University to do Master’s programme in my field. After that I became a research scholar at the Hansard Society and took Master’s courses at the London School of Economics while interning for the European Council on Foreign Relations, one of the top European think-tanks.

For me, the British Council has been associated with friendly English environment, unique atmosphere driving learning and personal development, and the pleasant smell of books and journals. I had similar feelings when I first arrived in the UK, talked to people and tasted the British style of life which was already very familiar to me thanks to the British Council. 

The British Council gave me more than just an opportunity to learn the language and culture. They gave me a chance to fulfil my dream and transform my life with hard work, dedication and willpower. They will always have a special place in my heart!