Svetlana Khan

A graduate of the University College of St Mark & St John, Plymouth, M.Ed. A Head of Foreign Languages Textbook Development Department in the Republican Innovation Centre at the Uzbekistan State World Languages University. 

To be honest, I cannot remember who told me first about the British Council but I do remember my first visit to the British Council’s library. I could not believe my eyes looking at such a rich collection of books, textbooks, dictionaries, magazines … Two or three times a month I ran to the library to get new resources which I used in my classes and shared with my pupils and colleagues. These were the wonderful days of discoveries and enjoyment.

The first project I was involved in and which changed my life completely was the Authorship Development Project which started in 1998. I went through a serious selection procedure and became a member of the Fly High textbook development team. Later I was lucky to win the A.S. Hornby Scholarship and study towards a Master’s degree in the UK. I would like to thank two people who made it possible: Martin Seviour and Diana Lubelska who inspired and helped me a lot.

After my return to Uzbekistan, I became involved in various events and projects supported by the British Council. The most significant include a project on student- centered teaching across the curriculum, ETTE (English for Teachers Teaching for English), a project on mentoring, setting peer support groups and many others. Recently we have started an exciting project on reforming teaching English for Specific Purpose in the republic which involves 31 non-linguistic universities across the country.

All these years I have been really impressed by enthusiasm, professionalism and at the same time trustfulness, friendliness and openness of the British Council’s staff. They are always ready to give advice and help in any situation to tackle the challenges we have been facing while working in the projects.

As I have said, my professional life has changed dramatically since I enrolled on the first British Council project back in 1998. That project was a corner stone in my professional development which made me what I am now. At the moment I am a team leader of Kids’ English series, a teacher and trainer trainer, professional development courses writer  and I am happy to share all knowledge and skills I have learnt with others.