Rasuljon Taygakulov

A student of the State Institutes of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan. 

I learnt about the British Council from the Internet. Before that, I had known almost nothing about this organisation. In December 2015, I came to know many aspects of the British Council’s activity and learnt that the British Council was one of the most influential and best-known international organisations. At the time, the British Council and the Rose Bruford College initiated a project supporting art development at the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan. I became one of the participants in the project. My involvement in it gave me an opportunity to understand many new things: I learnt how to analyse literary works, such as Shakespeare’s sonnets, acquired presentation skills and found out many interesting things about the Shakespearian time. I got a certificate for the participation in the Shakespeare Festival held on May 14 2016. We also took part in a joint event at the Karshi State University on 23 May. The British Council gathered apt and creative young people and allowed them to show their skills and abilities.

Taking part in the British Council project made me more industrious and self-reliant. I even was able to discover my latent talents, while my interest in art became even stronger. The British Council helped me recognise my abilities by supporting me and all the other students that participated in the project. I am very happy I had that opportunity and I would like our cooperation with the British Council to go on forever.    

The British Council has left an indelible imprint on my life – so many happy moments, strong feelings and creative emotions I have experienced. John Tucker and Irina Brown, the wonderful teachers from the Rose Bruford College, opened for me the way to Shakespeare’s works and made me feel as if I entered a different world. My work with these teachers and other students has enriched my academic life at the institute with unforgettable emotions and memories. I am very thankful for that to the British Council and its wonderful team from Tashkent!