During the first two years Creative Producers programme brought together 46 talented creative producers of Central Asia (26 participants in Uzbekistan and 20 participants in Kazakhstan) who were united as a single network and participated in a series of offline and online workshops delivered by UK mentors.  

In 2020 the programme participants took part in the online training events to develop their skills in creative thinking, people management, project management, finance management. The course was led by a UK trainer, Kate Wyatt who is a creative producer for the Royal Opera House, a freelance consultant and Founder Director of Opera UK a new sector support organisation. She established and runs Engender, a network for women working towards gender parity in opera. Kate places inclusion, collaboration and equality at the heart of her practice, often focusing on the creation of new work and is interested in unusual, nontraditional spaces, the really small and intricate and the large and spectacular.

The result of a two-year Creative Producers programme became the idea of experimental festival moc fest - an arts and culture event which aims to unite the British Council awarded winners, young and creative representatives of Uzbek contemporary art.

Objectives of the festival:

  • implement various projects and be open to the initiatives of the entire creative community
  • be versatile and flexible, be able to bring together events of different formats, scales and disciplines
  • be a platform for experimentation, providing creative freedom designed to implement a project and discover new names and talents
  • invite to cooperation and be ready for all possible creative, organisational and advertising support

Projects of the festival:

  • WeCosmos - a festival of avant-garde music, light, contemporary painting and "space" installations. The main theme: a person is a part of an infinite universe. WeCosmos aims to change the perspective from which people are used to looking at themselves and what is happening around them.
  • New Matters - a multi-disciplinary experimental show that takes visitors on a journey of exploration of sensations, feelings and emotions;
  • The Keepers - a series of short documentaries about people of unique professions who preserve cultural heritage and traditions. In the stories, the authors explore the interaction of the past and the present.
  • Agape - the physical result of the project Art Plov which united more than 40 participants from Central Asia and UK. The book, through painting, graphics, video art, photography and poetry, reflects a complex spectrum of feelings: from emotion and uncertainty to all-consuming hope in a difficult period of a pandemic.