Crafting Futures is a British Council three-year global programme supporting the future of craft, its practices and people.

It will do this through creating economic, social and cultural impact by:

  • Economic: Improved skills and innovation, alongside the economic growth of the sector
  • Social: Improving the perceived value of craft and its practice
  • Cultural: Preserving and developing craft practices and traditions which are under threat and ensuring younger generations can continue their use, development and innovation

The Crafting Futures programme aims to strengthen cultural identity by creating a greater understanding of craft within the sector, alongside new audiences and markets and improving the quality of creative practice. The programme will strengthen the work produced and increase opportunities for people to learn, train and grow the craft practice. Through the Crafting Futures programme we seek to address these aims by generating opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and shared learning between UK and local organisations and partners. The projects supported through this programme will demonstrate how the future of craft is a responsibility shared by a global community.

The programme is currently active in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.

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