Design tools used during a creative industries workshop, including a wooden mannequin

The British Council commissioned this study with a view to improving the evidence base for government policies and to explore areas of possible future partnership between Uzbekistan and the United Kingdom. The aim was to provide an overall profile of the creative industries in Uzbekistan, drawing on quantitative and qualitative sources, and engagement with industry stakeholders, and to offer recommendations for next steps to support the further development the sector.

The report offers a number of recommendations, highlighting in particular the need for more comprehensive mapping and data, the need for a broader skills strategy (focusing especially on business, marketing and producing skills), and the need for more systematic co-operation between government and the creative industries. Details of proposed ways forward are described under each theme in the Key Findings chapter, with a full summarised list of recommendations at the end of the document.

Key areas of need identified include:

  • adopting a single definition of the creative industries
  • more comprehensive data, with a suggested Data Improvement Plan
  • initiatives to promote alignment and cross-fertilisation between some of the traditional arts and crafts sectors with emerging arts practice and digital technologies
  • further investigation and gathering of regional data to identify emerging clusters of creative businesses and the skills needed to support them
  • a joint government/industry body to consider such issues as business regulation, Intellectual Property protection and enforcement, fiscal incentives and skills provision
  • a more comprehensive view of skills needs, focusing on general business and entrepreneurial skills as well as creative and technical skills
  • support for investment and business development domestically and further develop existing initiatives to promote the creativity industries internationally
  • a more concerted approach to promoting cultural tourism, domestically and internationally
  • strategies for audience development, especially outside Tashkent.