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British Council

The  UK-Uzbekistan theatre partnership programme is an exemplar for bringing the theatre art students into production experience with UK experts. The British Council with Uzbekistan State Institute of Art and Culture and Rose Bruford College started working on 'Hamlet' performance production. Uzbek teachers and students together with British consultants: John Tucker, Director of Hamlet performance, Niamh Dowling, Head of School, Rose Bruford College and Perttu Lahdesmaki, the student of the Lighting department, Rose Bruford College went through the whole cycle of performance production in the frames of the academic curriculum. 

This programme is based on the results of the partnership between the Institute and Rose Bruford College since 2015 and summarises all the work under voice and movement in theatre performance production.

The unique point of this project is that it comprises all stages required in the production process including setting up a production team, casting, rehearsals and organising a tour. Another strand of the project is to develop art management module as a part of art management curriculum. 

The programme is in line with international partnership strategy of UK higher education sector and the Rose Bruford College of theatre strategy in particular. New decrees in higher education in Uzbekistan encourage local institutions to establish partnership with foreign institution, where UK is seen as a main partner. 

The production has been performed at the International Theatre symposium of Rose Bruford College and at the Uzbek Embassy in London. 

You can watch a video of how this project has been developed and how Hamlet production was staged in Uzbekistan.