Toby Ziegler was born in 1972 in London. He studied at Central Saint Martins, London before completing a two-year residency at Delfina Studios, London in 2006. Ziegler has exhibited widely both in Britain and internationally, with recent solo exhibitions including: PKM Gallery, Seoul, 2015; Hepworth Wakefield, 2014; Zabludowicz Collection, London, 2010; Patrick Painter Inc., Los Angeles, 2008 and Chisenhale Gallery, London, 2005. Ziegler lives and works in London. 

Encompassing painting and sculpture, Zeigler's practice takes its starting point from the digital. His works often begin with the appropriation of an image which, through endless reproduction, has passed into the visual subconscious. The image is then rendered by into modified. computer-constructed images, which are then painstakingly transformed by hand into his final works. The geometric aesthetic contrasts with an often everyday subject matter and the use of computer programming speaks to our contemporary condition of understanding and interacting with the world through technology. 

In the series Equivalents for Megaliths (2004–05) Zeigler sketches out views of totemic forms amid a limitless landscape. But here, rather than resembling conventionally heroic or spiritual structures, the monoliths resemble teacups and other domestic forms. Perhaps we are looking at a futuristic space in which the commonplace objects of everyday life have become worthy of worship and the building of monuments.