We are excited to announce the 1st British Council New Directions Series in English Language Assessment Conference in Uzbekistan.

New Directions in English Language Assessment is a series of annual conferences organised by the British Council, providing perspectives and insight on trends and approaches in English language assessment locally and internationally. The conference aims to bring policymakers, practitioners, and researchers together for the presentation of innovative approaches and practical solutions, with a focus on real-life case studies and works-in-progress reports.

Dates: 15-17 November

Location: Online


Day 1 From policy to implementation
Day 2 Preparing teachers to implement policy
Day 3 Teachers: the bridge between policy and student outcomes

Watch recording of the webinar below

About New Directions

New Directions in English Language Assessment is the British Council’s flagship language testing and assessment conference. Since its establishment in 2013, the conference has celebrated ten editions, eight in East Asia and two in Latin America. The conference provides perspectives and insight on trends and approaches in English language assessment at a local, regional, and international level. 

New Directions aims to:  

  • Establish a unique platform for sharing both cutting-edge developments and best practice in English language assessment in education systems.
  • Provide a dynamic space in which regional and international policy makers, educational professionals, academics, teachers and assessment practitioners can interact, exchange information and keep abreast of the leading developments in the field.
  • Facilitate an ongoing dialogue amongst a range of regional and international professionals to explore assessment solutions that meet local needs and achieve global standards.

This year the New Directions East Asia 2021 conference convenes on December 10-11 under the theme “Fairer, Greener, Stronger: The Future of Language Assessment.” It recognises that the language assessment industry, like all other sectors, has experienced significant disruption over the last year. 

About New Directions Series 2021

The New Directions Series comprises events related to cutting-edge developments and best practice in English language assessment in education systems that take place throughout the year in various countries around the world.

There are four key messages that the British Council Uzbekistan and partner organisations will be highlighting at the conference.

  1. Assessment for formative purposes is key to improving learning and teaching.  
  2. Systemic alignment is necessary for improvement in student outcomes.  
  3. Language assessment literacy is essential to improve student outcomes.  
  4. The outcomes of students´ taught by the communicative language approach cannot be assessed through traditional assessment but through communicative language testing.


Plenary speakers

  • Professor Barry O’Sullivan O.B.E.
  • Professor Anthony Green
  • Associate Professor Christine Coombe
  • Mr Thom Kiddle

Panel and invited speakers 

  • Yayra Abduraimova, University of World Languages, Uzbekistan
  • Erica Balazs, British Council Assessment Solutions
  • Neenaz Ichaporia, British Council India
  • Svetlana Khan, Agency for Promoting Foreign Language Learning, Uzbekistan
  • Steve King, Cambridge Partnership for Education
  • Nargiza Kuchkarova, Agency for Presidential Educational Instituions, Uzbekistan
  • Hugh Moss, Cambridge Assessment English
  • Erkin Mukhammedov, Westminster International University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Steven Murray, British Council Taiwan
  • Mark O’Sullivan, British Council Assessment Solutions
  • Sardor Radjabov, State Test Center, Uzbekistan
  • Ralph Rodgers, Director, British Council Taiwan
  • Mukhammadkhon Soliev, Agency for Promoting Foreign Language Learning, Uzbekistan

Moderators and conference advisors

  • Dr Victoria Clark, British Council Assessment Solutions
  • Dr Johanna Motteram, British Council Assessment Solutions
  • Ms Mina Patel, British Council Assessment Research Group

Our partners

  • Agency for Promoting Foreign Language Learning under the Cabinet of the Ministries of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Agency for Presidential Educational Institutions
  • Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialised Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • State Test Center under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Uzbekistan State World Languages University
  • Westminster International University in Tashkent