We aim to work directly with thousands of young people, giving them the opportunity to acquire skills for life and work in a global economy. Our goal is to make vocational education more attractive and inspiring, and we achieve this by providing new ways of learning, giving people confidence and awareness to realise their potential, and by supporting intercultural dialogue with the UK through collaboration.

Enterprise Award competition

The British Council, the Centre for Specialised Secondary Education (CSSE) and the British Embassy in Tashkent are implementing a project to support national reforms in vocational education and training (VET).

By strengthening links between education and industry, the project promotes skills development and equip young people with the skills and competencies that employers require.

The competition is designed for college students aged between 16 and 18 and competition provides an opportunity for participants to practice innovative thinking, entrepreneurship, effective communication and planning skills. Students can also develop their financial literacy, leadership skills and their ability to apply creative approaches to problem solving.

In 2019 the competition was conducted in three stages and the winner was identified on 15 March 2019:

Stage 1 – the winners were selected on the college level

Stage 2 – 14 teams-winners were selected and each team represented their region or Tashkent city. 

Stage 3 –  all 14 teams were invited to Tashkent for the final competition where the winner was selected. The winner team from Fergana Tax College who participated with the idea of ecological pure drink received a prize of 5 million sums as the initial capital for the implementation of their ideas.  

The works of the teams in the regions were accessed by the regional CSSEs units. The republican stage of the competition was also judged by the representatives involving various ministries and partner organisations.  

Enterprise Award is the national competition and it annually involves over 1,400 colleges and 20,000 students in Uzbekistan.