Skills for Tourism project
Skills for Tourism project image

Skills for Tourism supports national reforms in Vocational Education and Training (VET) by strengthening links between education and industry, seeking to promote skills development and equip young people with the skills and competencies that employers require.  

In Uzbekistan we aim to achieve the following key outcomes through the project:

  • Develop a work competency framework, in partnership with the UK People 1st Sector Skills Council.
  • Embed the framework into the system as a basis for development of National Occupational Standards in all sectors of the economy for vocational colleges. 
  • Create Sector Skills Councils in tourism and hospitality in Uzbekistan which will be the basis for development of similar sector bodies in other sectors of the economy. 
  • Address mutually agreed interests of Uzbek and UK partners through senior level policy discussions, study visits, training and professional development seminars.
  • Ensure that English language teaching and learning in Uzbek colleges is in line with international standards.