We are excited to announce the 2nd British Council New Directions Series English Language Assessment Conference in Uzbekistan.

The conference aims to provide perspectives and insight on trends and approaches in English language assessment locally and internationally. It will bring policymakers, practitioners, and researchers together for the presentation of innovative approaches and practical solutions, with a focus on real-life case studies and works-in-progress reports.

Dates: Friday 10 March

Location: University of World Languages

Theme: English Reform and Quality Education.


  • Holistic Approaches to Language Education Reform: Implementing a comprehensive approach to language teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Realising Potential: Policy, Engagement, and Impact
  • English for 21st- century work, study and personal needs: the case for 4-skills testing 
  • Quality assurance in English language education through quality assessment practices and products  

About New Directions

New Directions in English Language Assessment is the British Council’s flagship language testing and assessment conference. Since its establishment in 2013, the conference has celebrated 12 editions, ten in East Asia and two in Latin America. The conference provides perspectives and insight on trends and approaches in English language assessment at a local, regional, and international level.

New Directions aims to:  

  • Establish a unique platform for sharing both cutting-edge developments and best practice in English language assessment in education systems.
  • Provide a dynamic space in which regional and international policy makers, educational professionals, academics, teachers, and assessment practitioners can interact, exchange information and keep abreast of the leading developments in the field.
  • Facilitate an ongoing dialogue amongst a range of regional and international professionals to explore assessment solutions that meet local needs and achieve global standards.


About New Directions Series 2023

The New Directions Series events build on our successful global conferences, connecting stakeholders and continuing discussion around the key topics in language assessment and reform. These New Directions Series events focus on topics that are particularly relevant at a local level and seek to bring together local and UK expertise to engage on challenges and solutions as part of a holistic approach to teaching, learning and assessment. Participants in our New Directions Series events can expect a strong focus on their own educational context while being part of a broader, global discussion around language teaching, learning and assessment, connected through the international New Directions conference events.

In the year of Quality Education, the New Directions Series event in Uzbekistan provides a forum to discuss how language assessment can drive and shape educational reform in the education system.


Plenary speakers

  • Professor Barry O’Sullivan O.B.E.
  • Gemma Bellhouse, British Council
  • Yayra Abduraimova, Uzbekistan State World Languages University in Tashkent
  • Nodira Isamukhamedova, Westminster International University

Moderators and conference advisors

  • Aidan Holland, British Council