The final project was held in 2023 and aimed to support the visibility and internalisation of local crafts markets, as well as celebrate the legacy of the Crafting Futures programme in Central Asia.

Twenty-five artisans and designers from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan came together in a collaborative workshop to learn more about heritage. They were given a brief to co-design a new high-quality product or product range inspired by historical national heritage and using locally sourced materials which would appeal to international as well as a local markets.

Criteria for creating the new product were:

  • Quality: The use of high-quality and locally sourced materials where possible, a high level of manufacturing technology and attention to product details
  • Authenticity: A visual expression of the true meaning of tradition
  • Innovation: Aiming for a combination of the traditional and the contemporary through creative materials, design and manufacturing process
  • Environmental impact: Respect for the environment when using materials and production technologies
  • Social responsibility: Ethical labour and no illegal labour practices used
  • Demand in the market: Functionality of the product, safety in use, balanced ratio of price and quality

View photos of the workshop to see the results of the work.